Type Working width cm Diameter brush mm Wheels
VHG 2000 195 600 18 x 5.50″
VHG 2250 220 600 18 x 5.50″
VHG 2500 245 600 18 x 5.50″
VHZ 2250 220 750 18 x 5.50″
VHZ 2500 245 750 18 x 5.50″
VHZ 2750 270 750 18 x 5.50″
VHZ 3000 295 750 18 x 5.50″

Options AP sweepers
– Hydraulic angle adjustment
– Hydraulic side brush
– Parallelogram for wheel or front loader
– Forklift truck attachment with parallelogram
– Hydraulic collector box
– Third impeller
– Sprinkler system
– Front lights
– Rear lights + SMV triangle
– Weighted performance(s)
– All common quick attachments

AP sweepers

To keep roads, yards, factory sites, stables etc. clean you choose an AP sweeper because of its solid construction, the use of high-quality components and, last but not least, because of its versatility.

All AP sweepers are supplied with high-quality zig-zag brushes. Due to this ziag-zag model the use of intermediate rings is no longer necessary which enables a faster replacement of the brushes. In addition, the brushes are wear resistant and they have a long life. All AP sweepers are hydraulically driven so they require very little maintenance.

Because of the angle adjustment the sweepers can sweep under several angles, both to the left and to the right. The working height is adjustable with the help of in height adjustable swiveling wheels. Due to the precise settings you can achieve optimal results with the AP sweepers, under all circumstances.

The types

Series VHG / VHZ

The VHG is developed for professional sweeping and is perfectly suitable for use with wheel loader or tractor. Standard equiped with very heavy swiveling forks with airplane tires 18 x 5,50″. Working widths from 195 to 245 cm, diameter of the brush is 600 mm.

The VHZ is the largest model. The construction and operation are similar to those of the VHG, the VHZ however is supplied with even larger brushes, diameter 750 mm. Working widths from 220 to 295 cm.

The VHG and VHZ are standardly supplied with a socalled “evenaar”. The “evenaar” is a by AP developed construction which absorbs shocks at roughness in the underground, to protect the machine.

VHZ 2250