Type M3 Cubic yards Fixed knife pivot dump Ejector Carry-all Number of wheels
APC 6 6 7,8 no no yes 2
APC 7,5 7,5 9,8 no no yes 2
APC 9 9 11,7 no no yes 2
APS 8 8 10,5 yes yes no 2
APS 10 10 13 yes yes no 2
APS 12,5 12,5 16,3 yes yes no 4
APS 15 15 19,6 yes yes no 4
APS 20 20 26 no yes no 4
APS 25 25 32,6 no yes no 4

AP scraper-series : one machine to take over the work of at least 4 other machines

Unlike the US, Europe still uses at least 4 machines to move large quantities of earth. But since 2007 the European market also demanded one machine to move large amounts of material in an efficient and cost saving way. Pull scrapers are much more cost-effective than motor scrapers, costing one-third the price, and have greater fuel efficiency.

After an extended market investigation, close contacts with the end users and thanks to many years of experience in the earth moving AP therefore developed a high quality scraper-series which delivers outstanding performance and legendary durability.

The AP scrapers are designed to make a proper grade and transport a huge amount of material over a long distance. The transport and grading functions can be combined. The functionality of the scraper makes it a fully operational and functional machine with low operating cost for any type of fine grading, rough grading, depositing, embedding and transportation.

AP offers a complete range of scrapers with various capacities. They can be equipped with laser control or GPS.

AP Scraper APC carry-all

AP Scraper APS 15